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Performance engine ecu remaps and remapping is available for 99% of vehicles on the roads. Remaps are achieved by firstly reading the vehicles ecu software via our specialist computers. A copy of the original file along with vehicle details are then sent to our development HQ in Leeds where it is analysed and modified safely to suit your vehicles engine components, releasing your engines reserved power.

All our ECU remapping development is done in house at our Leeds based software developers. It is here where years of tuning experience go into each vehicles engine remap. This along with input from some of Europe’s leading vehicle tuning and calibration experts allows us to provide you with some of the best remapped engine software available to date. This modified software is then sent back to us ready to be uploaded into your vehicles ecu via the specialist computer originally used to take the reading.

Different Performance Remaps

Stage 1

The most common remap we do. This is suitable for all vehicles running standard equipment and is aimed at releasing the potential of these stock components that the manufacturer left behind. Many stock engines have huge power reserves left in them, typically 35% more.

Stage 2

These remaps are for vehicles with slight modifications such as aftermarket intercoolers, exhaust and air filters. These remaps can be done on site, at your location with great results, or if you prefer you can visit our software development HQ for a rolling road tune on the high powered dyno.

Stage 3

This remapping is for vehicles with further modifications than those mentioned in stage 2, such as upgraded injectors and bigger turbos. These remaps can NOT be done on site. Instead you would require a true live data logged remap at our software developers HQ in Leeds.

Please feel free to use our vehicle look up tool where we provide conservative information on the power & torque increases you can expect from one of our vehicle remaps.

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