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Mercedes C220 CDI Remapping in Leeds

Modest Power Improvements to this great German Saloon...

 Mercedes-C220-CDI-Remapping-in-LeedsThis great Mercedes C220 CDI booked in for remapping via our mobile remapping service in Leeds. Our sophisticated remapping equipment allowed us to interrogate and download the Mercedes ECU file ready for remapping.

The customer found us on the internet and after using our vehicle look up tool which provides modist information on the gains one of our Mercedes Remaps can offer they decided to pick the phone up and make the appointment for the Mercedes Remap carrying out at there work in Leeds.

Review – BMW 116d 2013 Model in Wakefield

Mrs K Matthew - 74 bhp & 140 Torques gains

BMW 116d 2013 Model in WakefieldTook The Plunge and Glad I did!! I thought the factory setup of the car was fine until I started doing quite a bit of motorway driving when I realised the car lacked any real grunt. A friend mentioned having it remapped but I wasn’t sure. I spoke to Safe & Sound who explained the car was “highly tunable” and claimed some modest gains of around 25bhp. After having it done it’s like a completely new engine has been put in. The 25bhp was blown out of the water with more like 50bhp been gained due to the inefficiency of the factory ecu. I’m completely impressed and can not recommend it enough!!


Stage 1 Remap turns this vehicle in to a real beast with torque to rival that of a Ferrai F430.


These fantastic BMW machines come from the factory with a bucketful of power and torque that rockets the car and its occupants to any speed in no time at all. As with all standard factory maps there’s plenty of room for improvement, using a vehicle specific BMW 335d remap the stock figures and actual drive-ability of the car can be changed significantly.

This particular BMW remap took place in leeds at the customers home address. With impressive power gains of 55bhp and 120 NM of torque combined with the new improved throttle response and smooth power delivery our fully mobile BMW remapping service makes for very happy customers.

FIAT 500 1.2 8V ECU Remap Mapping in Leeds

Stage 1 Remap on this ever popular Fiat.

Fiat 500 ECU Remap Mapping in LeedsThe fiat 500 is an incredibly popular vehicle with its low tax bracket and great fuel economy from all the available engine variants. This particular Fiat 500 Remap took place in Leeds on a 2014 1.2i 8V petrol model.

It is well documented that some Fiat 500 models were subject to sluggish performance when ascending on steep hills, this has now been addressed by Fiat and a software fix is available for those affected vehicles. This particular vehicle has had recently had the update done and now also benefits from one of our vehicle specific Fiat 500 ecu remaps.

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Remapped in Wakefield

Stage 1 Remap with impressive gains.
Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Remapping in WakefieldThe remapping of the ecu on this 2015 Mitsubishi Shogun took place in Wakefield at the customers home address. This particular model was the higher specified 200bhp variant which while this may be a handsome power figure actually lacks any real grunt and can feel quite heavy when driving round town. Having bought the vehicle for work purposes because of its great value for money the owner was quite disappointed in its “agricultural” feel and asked if we were able to carry out the remapping mainly for performance.

OBD Engine ECU Remapping

The simplest and most costy effective method for remapping any vehicle.

This form of engine ECU Remapping is applicable for 90% of vehicles where we can read the vehicles ECU via the inbuilt On Board Diagnostics port. Please enquire to ensure this method is suitable for your vehicle.

Bootloader Anti-Tune ECU Remapping

Some ECU's are Tri-Core and "Anti-Tune Protected", we use this method on these ECU's

Some stock ECU’s can not be remaped via the OBD port and instead require the ECU to be removed and programmed outside of the vehicle. Since the introduction of the Bosch EDC17 & MED17 Tricore ECU’s the remapping process had to take a different root.

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