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    There are many gains to be had when remapping your vehicle including; Improved throttle response, elimination of flat spots, smoother power delivery, power throughout the entire rev range, prolonged engine and component life and improved fuel economy to name just a few.
    When remapping your vehicle we first read the ECU data and software before downloading a copy. This copy is then saved and a duplicate copy made before any changes are made. This original copy is kept on our secure database and is available at any point should you want to remove the remapped software and return the vehicle to its stock settings.
    We are that confident we offer a full 14 day money back guarantee. Should you be genuinely unhappy with any of our remapped engine ecu software we will happily remove it, replace your original factory software and provide you with a full refund.
    Manufacturers know this extra power is achievable, however they develop their engines to run in any country, worldwide. This means due to the variation of atmospheric conditions, fuel octane, air temperatures and altitudes across the world the stock software parameters are developed to a safe standard for the engine to function regardless of these values.

    By remapping your vehicle we adapt the vehicles software and tighten these parameters for the conditions in which the vehicle is used, including fuel type and driving style. This allows us to release your engines true potential and as a result offer you the gains you should have always had, both in power and economy.

    No not at all, in fact very much the opposite. You will in fact have a smoother and more efficient engine following our remapped software been installed. There are large reserves of power in all engines allowing plenty of room for our adjustments to take place without exceeding the safe limits of your engine.

    The increased power and drivability of the vehicle from our remapped software is available throughout the entire rev range and irons out many of the vehicles flat spots. This reduces the need for gear changes, heavy acceleration and unnecessary braking therefore saving additional wear and tear on your vehicles components. The engines fuel ratio also burns far more efficiently post remap and reduces carbon build up in the engine while promoting fuel economy.

    These are just some of the benefits of an ecu remap from Safe & Sound.

    Providing your driving style stays the same then most petrol engines will achieve the same however many turbo diesel engines can see MPG gains upto 20% after a remap.
    No, most dealer software will not detect the remapped software installed in the vehicles ECU. It generally remains invisible to dealer diagnostic equipment.
    Yes. Of course, we are covered for £5 million product and public liability. Rest assured you are in safe hands.
    Our ECU remaps are individually tailored to your specific engine and are use your original ecu’s map as a template, they are then tweaked to get the best out of your engine. In doing this we take into cosideration inputs such as vehicle age and milage and adapt the parameters to suit if required. All our vehicle remaps are developed in-house by our UK based software developer, whilst at the same time working alongside some of the best engine ecu tuning companies in Europe.

    If you own a highly modified vehicle then you may require a true custom map on our developers in-house AWD dyno where true data logging can be carried out to tune your engine and its components to their very best.

    Before any engine ecu remap takes place we will do a diagnostics check on your engine. Should any faults be found that deem us to believe the installation of a remap is unsafe then we will make you aware you of this and carry out the remap once the faults have been rectified. We do not have the facilities to fully diagnose and erase engine trouble codes.

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    We have done our best to answer your remapping FAQ. However feel free to contact us with your personal questions and we will be more than happy to answer them. Maybe we could add them to our FAQ’s

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