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Each Economy remapping service carried out is unique to your vehicle. As with our performance remapping, each economy remapping service starts with a reading of the vehicles ecu is using our specialist computers before been sent to our development head office in Leeds. This is where they modify the stock ecu software to specifically deliver smooth, economical power along with an improved throttle response with less flat spots in the low to medium rev range giving you less gear changes and increased fuel consumption yet still travelling the same distance. There are lots of engine factors taken into consideration when developing these economy remapping files and many years of research, development and experience go in to each and every one of our economy engine ecu remaps. Of course our economy remapping service is available by our mobile mapping vehicle in Leeds, Wakfield and surrounding areas.

What you can expect from one of our economy remaps?

*This averages around 60 to 70 miles more per tank of fuel.

With fuel prices on the rise, many personal vehicle owners along with fleet operators are looking to save money where possible and our economy remapping service is the perfect way to do this. If you are looking to carry out economy remapping to two or more vehicles then you will benefit from our multi car booking discount. Contact us to find out more.

Please feel free to use our vehicle look up tool where we provide conservative information on the power & torque increases you can expect from our economy remapping service. Our Performance of Economy Remapping is available throughout Yorkshire to towns and cities including Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford & York


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